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Courses and Requirements

Students listen to panel of QC alums who are working in journalism.
New York Times Columnist Gail Collins Does Q & A

Courses and Requirements

Journalism minors are required to take 18 credits, 12 in required courses and 6 in elective courses. (No major program is available.)

Required courses are:

  • Journalism 100: Beat The Press – Questioning The Media
  • Journalism 101W: Introduction To News Reporting
  • Journalism 200W: Reporting From The Field
  • Journalism 201: Digital Journalism

Elective courses include:

  • Journalism 202: Visual Storytelling
  • Journalism 265: Special Topics in Journalism (including magazine and long-form journalism and reporting in the fields of business, sports, arts and politic)
  • Journalism 300: Internship
  • Journalism 304: Critical Issues In Journalism

At least 3 elective credits must come in a journalism course. Other non-journalism courses may be used for 3 additional elective credits, including:


  • Economics 224: American Economic History Since 1914
  • Economics 246: Urban Economics


  • English 210W: Introduction To Creative Writing
  • English 211W: Introduction To Writing Nonfiction


  • History 266: Contemporary History
  • History 275: Business In American Life
  • History 288: U.S. Legal History
  • History 341: American Constitutional History Since 1865

Media Studies

  • Media Studies 242: Introduction To Video – Studio
  • Media Studies 256: Media Censorship

Political Science

  • Political Science 217: Decision-Making In The White House
  • Media Studies 220: Politics And The Media


  • Sociology 218: Mass Communication And Popular Culture

Urban Studies

  • Urban Studies 101: Urban Poverty & Affluence
  • Urban Studies 105: Urban Politics
  • Urban Studies 108: New York City Politics
  • Urban Studies 207: Development Of The American City
  • Urban Studies 221: Making Public Policy
  • Urban Studies 265: Special Topics In Urban Studies

Knight News Editorial Meeting

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