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 Hagedorn Scholarship for First Generation College Students in Urban and Environmental Studies

Due on March 28, 2016 by 5 pm!!!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Hagedorn Fund, the Department of Urban Studies awards scholarships of $1,500/year to Urban and Environmental Studies Undergraduate Majors who are among the first generation in their family to attend a four-year college in the United States. Please download the Scholarship Application for further instructions.

Meet the 2015 Winners!

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 Stephen Olufemi.  Finding myself in a generation that is faced with a lot of political, social, and religious controversies, I decided to declare a major in Urban Studies. Urban Studies has helped me understand the manner in which societies are governed and the forces behind them. It helped me dig deep into histories that shaped my society, and as a result prepared me for challenges and difficult situations. Urban studies has help me developed leadership skills which are currently useful to me as a youth leader of a non-profit organization.  After my undergraduate degree, I planned to pursue my master degree in Public Administration. Meanwhile, I will continue to volunteer in public services, and participate in community affairs. Someday, I plan to head a larger organization or develop a non-profit organization that will help voice the need of the poor/less privilege. I have the vision of helping not only my community, but the nation at large.

AmirKAmir Khafagy.  My name is Amir Khafagy and I’m a Egyptian- Puerto Rican American who is a proud student of Queens College. I am the first in my family to attend college and I will be the first in my family to graduate college. This is a big personal achievement for me because for much of my academic career I wasn’t always the best student I could have been. Studying and juggling multiple low wage jobs in order to support my self has proven to very difficult. My commitment to social justice has given my the proper motivation I needed to make school my number one priority. I believe that my major in Urban Studies can prepare me for the challenge of improving working peoples lives in any way I could. I have always wanted to be able to make the fight against inequality, racism, poverty and exploitation central to my life. By studying the historical causes of many of the social and urban issues that we find in our world today we then can begin to develop permanent solutions to these problems, such as finding a way of eliminating poverty in our life time. After graduating I would hope to be part or create a organization that would help make poor and working class people believe that what might seem impossible today can truly be possible tomorrow.


Karen Mejia. My name is Karen Brigitte Mejia. Both of my parents are from Colombia and have instilled in me the importance of education and attaining a degree from a young age. I am absolutely enthralled to receive a scholarship that will help me attain a degree in Environmental and Urban Studies Spring 2015. My college journey started at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2010. I had always wanted to become a homicide detective (chief eventually) but I had a change of heart. I found myself more concerned with issues effecting my community (Queens, NYC, humanity, Mother Earth) in a grassroots way. I decided to transfer to Queens College and here, I have truly had a rewarding learning experience where I’ve been able to connect with likeminded people through courses and met some great role models. I find myself saying “WOW, I truly love what I’m studying!” I aspire to raise awareness, unity and power against climate change and injustices – within the people; especially our youth. I intend to do so first through my Peace Corps two year service starting in September 2015 then I am open to the possibilities life may have in store for me.

SpicerRosanna Spicer. After graduating with my BA in Urban Studies, I will be applying to Masters in Public Health programs with a focus on Epidemiology. I’ve always been passionate about public health issues and specifically the research into health disparities in the United States that affect low income and people of color.  Urban Studies is an excellent background to have for going into the field of public health because it emphasizes the practice of recognizing cause and effect relationships between social health crises and systems that cause and exacerbate them. Access to quality healthcare is a social justice issue! Urban Studies challenges the idea that illness and poverty are a pathology of the individual and more closely examines how systems work to create inequality. Re-imagining a healthier society starts with critiquing the public policy, laws and systems in place that contribute to health disparities.

Past Winners

  • Lucy Cerritos
  • Marissa Testani


  • Mariah Chaudry
  • Songyi Ee
  • Orson Barzola



Faculty Course Grants:

Course Grants for Experiential Learning Activities 

  • These grants support course-specific activities foster an experiential learning environment, up to $500/semester.  
  • All full and part time instructors are eligible to apply.
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