Dana-ain Davis


Professor Dana-Ain Davis received her PhD from the CUNY Graduate Center in anthropology in 2001. Before coming to Queens College in 2007, she was Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Coordinator of the Global Black Studies Program at SUNY/Purchase.

Davis’ areas of specialization include black studies, family and sexual violence, reproductive rights, poverty and welfare policy, and women’s studies. She has published the book Battered Black Women and Welfare Reform, as well as a number of articles on women and welfare policy. Davis has two books that will be out in 2013; Feminist Activist Ethnography co-edited with Christa Craven; and Black Genders and Sexuality, co-edited with Shaka McGlotten.  She is currently Co-Editor of Transforming Anthropology, the journal of the Association of Black Anthropologists. Davis has been co-Chair of NARAL-NY, served as President of the Association of Black Anthropologists, Executive Director of the ADCO Foundation.  She is a trustee of the New York Foundation, and as a consultant to a number of foundations and community-based organizations. New York Governor Cuomo appointed Davis to the Governor’s Maternal Mortality Taskforce in June 2018.

Dana-Ain Davis CV 

Selected Publications:

“No Beached Whales”, Souls, April-June 2009

”The Politics of Reproduction: The Troubling Case of Nadya Suleman and Assisted Reproductive Technology”, Transforming Anthropology, 2009

Office: Center for the Study of Women and Society, CUNY Graduate Center
Email: dana.davis@qc.cuny.edu

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