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As you probably know, the Urban Affairs Master of Arts degree requires that you complete 30 credits or 10 three-credit courses. These include four required courses that you should take as early in your studies as possible. The required courses are:

  • URBST 620 – Urban Research Writing
  • URBST 724 – Introduction to Public Policy
  • URBST 725 – Urban Research Methods
  • Either URBST 727 – Public Management or URBST 745 – Community Organization

The remaining courses are electives, which you can take based upon your interest in their subject matter.

You are strongly urged to take URBST 620  and URBST 724 in the first year of your   graduate career. If you are taking URBST 620, you may want to delay URBST 724 until the following semester, since it will require completion of a major research paper. Both courses are offered every semester at the main Queens College campus.  Other required courses are offered only in the fall or spring term, not both.


Each term you should check in with one of the Advisors about courses, opportunities and general information. 

Remember:   In order to graduate, you must have an overall “B” or 3.00 average or better. You are not required to prepare a Master’s Thesis, though you may choose to do so, under the direction of a faculty person. Otherwise, during the semester when you plan to graduate, you must submit for review two research papers, one of which you will have prepared in URBST 724, and the other would have been prepared in one of your other courses. Each paper must have received a B or better grade, each must be at least 15 pages long, and have footnotes and a bibliography—See the Department Handbook for further details.

Dana-Ain Davis, Ph.D.
Associate Chair, Graduate Program
Urban Affairs

William Muraskin, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor
Urban Affairs

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