Environmental Studies Faculty

Environmental Studies Advisors

For further information, or to declare your major or minor, please contact an Environmental Studies Faculty Advisor!

Melissa Checker, Dept. of Urban Studies (Environmental Studies Major Co-Advisor)

Jacklyn Bracco, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, (Environmental Studies Major Co-Advisor; Environmental Sciences Advisor)

The following are some of the faculty whom students will encounter in the Environmental Studies Program. Their experience ranges from the study of effect of increased carbon dioxide on plant growth to the community impacts of environmental pollution:

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Jeffrey Bird (Environmental Science Advisor) Soil biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology
George Hendrey Earth system science, climate change ecology
Allan Ludman (Dept. Chair), Field geology, petrology
Gregory O’Mullan (Environmental Sciences Graduate Advisor), Aquatic ecology, environmental microbiology, water quality
Stephen Pekar, Earth geohistory and climate change
Gillian Stewart, Marine biogeochemistry

Urban Studies Department

Melissa Checker (Environmental Studies Advisor), Environmental justice, sustainable cities
Martin Hanlon, Transportation policy
Tarry Hum, Urban community planning
Scott Larson, Environmental and Urban Planning
Dwayne Baker, Transit-oriented Urban Planning
Natalie Bump Vena, Environmental law and policy

Other Departments

Clive Belfield (Economics), Economics of the Environment
Fred Buell (English), Environmental Literature
Judith Kimerling (Political Science), Environmental impact of development
Sari Kisilevsky (Philosophy), Ethics and environment
James Moore (Anthropology), Ecology and Culture
Carl Riskin (Economics), Economics and development

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