Faculty & Staff

Dwayne Baker
Assistant Professor/Urban Planning Minor Advisor

PhD, University of Illinois

urban planning, transportation planning, GIS, neighborhood change, gentrification/displacement, Transit-Oriented Developments

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Email: dwayne.baker@qc.cuny.edu

Sherry Baron

MD, Case Western Reserve University

MPH, University of Illinois at Chicago

Environmental public health, immigrant public health, and workers’ health and safety

Office: Remsen Hall Rm. 311
Telephone: (718) 670-4193
Email: sherry.baron@qc.cuny.edu

Claudia Calhoon
Substitute Lecturer/Cities and Social Medicine Minor Advisor

DPHc, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy

MPH, Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

US health care access, financing, and coverage, immigrant health, immigration policy, New York city and state politics and policy

Email: claudia.calhoon@qc.cuny.edu 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClaudiaCalhoon

Melissa Checker
Acting Department Chair/Associate Professor/ Labor Studies Advisor/Environmental Studies Advisor/MA Admissions Advisor

PhD, New York University

U.S. social movements, race, class and ethnicity in the U.S., urban environmentalism, environmental justice, climate justice

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Telephone: (718) 997 5148
Email: mchecker@qc.cuny.edu

Dana-Ain Davis

PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Urban anthropology, gender, race, public policy, participatory action research, Black Studies, feminist theory

Office: Center for the Study of Women and Society, CUNY Graduate Center
Email: dana.davis@qc.cuny.edu

Martin Hanlon
Associate Professor

PhD, Columbia University

Public management, workforce issues, transportation policy

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Telephone: (718) 997 5131
Email: martin.hanlon@qc.cuny.edu

Tarry Hum
Professor - On Leave F21-S22

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Urban planning, immigrant urbanism, community economic development

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Telephone: (718) 997 5124
Email: tarry.hum@qc.cuny.edu

Scott Larson
Lecturer/Undergraduate Advisor

PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Urban redevelopment, gentrification, community-led urbanism

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Telephone: 718-997-5142
Email: scott.larson@qc.cuny.edu

Madhulika Khandelwal
Associate Professor

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Asian-American communities, South Asian diaspora. Director, Asian/American Center

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Telephone: (718) 997 3050
Email: madhulika.khandelwal@qc.cuny.edu

Do Lee
Assistant Professor

PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York

(im)mobilities; environmental psychology; participatory action research; critical race, class, gender, and migration

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Email: do.lee@qc.cuny.edu

Jeff Maskovsky

PhD, Temple University

Urban ethnography; social movements; difference and inequality

Office: Department of Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center
Email: jmaskovsky@gc.cuny.edu

Alan Takeall
Lecturer/MA in Urban Affairs Advisor

Alan Takeall

PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Race & ethnicity; social inequality; urban sociology; urban education

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250

James Vacca
Distinguished Lecturer

James Vacca teaches courses in New York City Politics, Public Administration, Community Organizations and Urban Politics. He previously served as a NYC Councilman and Community Board District Manager. He brings to Queens College expertise in city governance, policy making , community engagement, municipal service delivery and non-profit management.

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Email: profjvacca@aol.com

Natalie Bump Vena
Assistant Professor

JD, PhD, Northwestern University

Environmental law and policy; volunteerism; urban protected lands

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Email: natalie.vena@qc.cuny.edu

Ronald Lawson
Professor Emeritus

Housing, Tenant Movements, Religious Movements


William Muraskin
Professor Emeritus

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Social/urban history, health

Email: william.muraskin@qc.cuny.edu

Len Rodberg
Professor Emeritus

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

New York City neighborhood data, single payer healthcare in New York State, and energy policy

Email: Leonard.Rodberg@qc.cuny.edu

Alice Sardell
Professor Emeritus

PhD, New York University

Health policy, public policy, urban and community politics

Email: alice.sardell@qc.cuny.edu

John Seley
Professor Emeritus

PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Urban planning, public policy, geography

Email: john.seley@qc.cuny.edu

Stephen Steinberg
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Race, ethnicity, and immigration; urban sociology; sociology of knowledge

Email: ssteinberg1@gc.cuny.edu

Jeanne Chan
Office Assistant


Amanda Sweeney
MA Program Assistant


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